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I have added more new pics from Kristen’s stunning new Photoshoot for the CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome Collection

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty – CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome Campaign (2016)

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Check out these stunning new photos of Kristen from a new Photoshoot for the CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome Collection –
she looks amazing.

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty – CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome Campaign (2016)

Be sure to read the interview below

via WWD PARIS — “Karl never turns me into something I’m not. But like all good directors, he is capable of bringing qualities out of people that are sometimes not as obvious to them.”

So says Kristen Stewart, who smolders like some Italian movie star of yore in Chanel’s campaign for its “Paris in Rome” Métiers d’Art collection, lensed by Karl Lagerfeld, one of her most enthusiastic champions.

“She is a real personality. I don’t compare her to any other actress and she is really modern, whatever that means,” Lagerfeld said in an exclusive interview. “And I think that she is perfect for the Chanel image of today.”

Slated to make their debut in June magazines, the ads mark the latest collaboration between the American actress and the German couturier, telegraphing their mutual affection.

“Karl directs photo shoots and always provides an environment for a story to unfold. And the way that occurs is very natural. But always under his guidance, which is felt and inspiring,” Stewart told WWD. “It’s never labor intensive because that is against the nature of spontaneous art.”

Still, Lagerfeld left nothing to chance for the backdrop, bringing in his own Art Deco furniture by Louis Süe and André Mare, co-founders of the Compagnie des arts français, to decorate the location, a large Parisian apartment.

Her hair tousled, a shoulder exposed here, toned gams visible through lacy tights there, Stewart resembles a sultry celebrity — a wink to the show, staged last December at Rome’s hub of Italian film, Cinecittà.

“She is an actress and she is very actress-like, which I love,” Lagerfeld said about Stewart as he flicked through images on his iPad Pro. “This a photo of an actress of a period which does not exist any longer, the kind of movies they don’t make anymore and [Kristen] got it naturally. We did it in one evening.”

“It went very smoothly,” he continued. “She knows us, she knows my whole team so that makes a big difference. For me, working with people I really know is no problem: There is no questioning; there is no drama. We are used to each other so things come naturally.”

Lagerfeld’s mind went to Yvonne Furneaux, a largely forgotten French actress who appeared in Federico Fellini’s 1960 classic, “La Dolce Vita.”

“The hair gives an idea of the period,” the designer said, hastening to add: “This is not a retro collection. It can be a kind of evocation in the air, but it should stay there.”

Lagerfeld cottoned onto Stewart early in her career, captivated by her beauty, talent — and moxie. He cast her as a young Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel for an 11-minute film he screened in tandem with the unveiling of the Paris in Rome collection, paraded in studio No. 5, naturally.

In it, Stewart portrays a fiery young actress brought in to portray the legendary designer in a biopic — only to lock horns with practically everyone on the set, exploding with anger and expletives.

“I like the whole package. I like her expression, I like the toughness of the attitude, everything,” Lagerfeld said. “She is a really good actress. I like tough women who can scream, who can be mean. For men, I hate that; for women, I love it.”

The actress’ screen credits include “Panic Room,” “Into the Wild,” the “Twilight” series and “On the Road.” She will be seen next in Woody Allen’s “Café Society,” being screened on the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival next month, as well as “Personal Shopper,” directed by Olivier Assayas, and “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” directed by Ang Lee.

For Chanel, Stewart was the face for another Metiers d’Art campaign, showcasing the Paris-Dallas collection in 2013. She has also appeared in Chanel campaigns for eyewear, the 11.12 handbag collection and for an eye makeup line, the latter photographed by Mario Testino.

Yet Stewart ranks the Paris in Rome shoot as the best yet.

“Wearing the clothes from the show was my favorite experience yet working on campaign shoots with Chanel. The set was so complete and transportive. The clothes within that environment came to life,” she said. “I loved the show; it blew me away. Truly one of my favorite collections yet and I’m so, so happy to be in them and find their stories.”

The Métiers d’Art collection, introduced by Lagerfeld in 2002 as a way to exalt the specialty couture ateliers Chanel owns, ignited the pre-fall frenzy and has become one of the brand’s most important deliveries, backed since 2009 by dedicated advertising campaigns.


We now have more new ads from Kristen’s campaign for Collection Eyes – the new make-up line by CHANEL

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty – Collection Eyes 2016 Campaign – Promotionals

As well as a first look at the Make Up Collection

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty – Collection Eyes 2016 Campaign – Collection Promotionals



Here is our very first look at Kristen in a new campaign for a new make-up collection by CHANEL called Collection Eyes
– doesn’t she look incredible!?

via – FACE FORWARD: Chanel has named Kristen Stewart the face of its makeup collection.

The actress will appear in a campaign called Collection Eyes 2016, which was photographed by Mario Testino and is to break in March.

Stewart posed for a series of portraits that incarnate the different facets of a contemporary woman, according to Chanel.

Stewart is no stranger to the house. In 2013, she fronted the advertising for the Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection. She also starred in the short film “Once and Forever,” lensed by Karl Lagerfeld for the Métiers d’Art fashion show in Rome last December.

The actress’s screen credits include “Panic Room, “Into the Wild,” the “Twilight” series and “On the Road.” Upcoming for Stewart are “Personal Shopper,” by Olivier Assayas, and “Long Halftime Walk” by Billy Lynn.

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty Campaigns – CHANEL Make-up Collection (2016)


Here is Kristen’s portrait for CHANEL’s Mademoiselle Privé exhibition

Photoshoots & Portraits – 2015 – Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition

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via Yahoo – The designer will direct Kristen Stewart, who has appeared in previous campaigns for the brand and can sometimes be coaxed to sit in the front row of a fashion show, in a short film—not a commercial—for Chanel.

Filming took place in Paris over two days at Taken and Lucy movie director Luc Besson’s studio. According to WWD, the plot will be a “fictional, behind-the-scenes look at a yet-to-be-made biopic about founder Gabrielle Chanel.”

Stewart will portray an actress impersonating Gabrielle Chanel at a young age, while Geraldine Chaplin, who has played the character in previous vignettes for the French fashion house, will serve in the same role just middle-aged. Lagerfeld himself will be pictured as well.

“She played it really, really mean,” Lagerfeld said of Stewart’s work. “You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything. She’s mean with the director; mean with the producer.” The piece will debut in Rome at the next Métiers d’Arts show, and will also feature Harper’s Bazaar editor Laura Brown as—far stretch here—an American journalist. “They make so many movies about Chanel, why can’t I make one?” Lagerfeld asked.

The length of the video has yet to be revealed, but judging on Lagerfeld’s former forays into moving image ventures, it will be less than ten minutes. There’s been “Reincarnation” with Cara Delevingne and Pharrell, The musician even composed and wrote the lyrics to “CC The World,” the original soundtrack. Gisele stared in “The One That I Want” with Michiel Huisman and Lo-Fang, directed by Baz Luhrmann. The model catches an impossibly large wave on a double C surfboard before tracking her man down to a burlesque club after he leaves her. Keira Knightly also wore Coco Mademoiselle perfume while riding a motorcycle in onesie for an extended ad.

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Here is a magazine scan showing a new photo from Kristen’s CHANEL Eyewear campaign and a behind the scenes pic

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Just a reminder that Kristen will be attending the CHANEL Cruise 2015/16 collection in Seoul, Korea today (May 4th)

The event will take place at 7PM local/ 6am ET/ 3am PT/12pm CET and will be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Kristen is the celebrity face of the CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection. The CHANEL 11.12 Handbag and also CHANEL Eyewear.


Here is a new video of Kristen and Karl Lagerfeld on the set of their campain for CHANEL Eyewear

or watch in HD here

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty Projects – CHANEL Eyewear

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Here is another pic from Kristen’s CHANEL Eyewear campaign.

Other Projects – Fashion & Beauty – CHANEL Glasses Campaign

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