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Here is a new Kristen interview from during the Cannes Film Festival

Two years after ‘On The Road’ by Walter Salles, Kristen Stewart walked up the stairs at Cannes, on Friday 23rd, for her role in ‘Sils Maria’ by Olivier Assayas. Remarkable from end to end, the star of the Twilight saga plays the assistant of a celebrity, played by Juliette Binoche.

LE MONDE: How did the screening go?
KRISTEN: Really well. It might be because I’m American, and we consider cinema mainly as an entertainment, but I didn’t initially think a film that brazenly philosophical could be of interest for a public of that size; yet it seems like it was the case, I think.

LE MONDE: With the role played by Chloë Grace Moretz, your character embodies America, in a film that is yet European.
KRISTEN: It’s the first time that I shoot an entire film in Europe, it’s true. At one point, I was considered to play Chloë’s character instead. In my opinion, it would have been a mistake… I wanted the opportunity to criticize the massive consumption of fake lives created by the media through my character. When you think about it, it’s a strange phenomenon, which benefits no one intellectually. Why do we digress like this culturally? Some of my lines reflect exactly what I think of this stupidity. Olivier found the right words

LE MONDE: What made you accept the role?
KRISTEN: After Charles produced ‘On The Road’, he convinced me that Olivier was the perfect director for me. I was pleased by the script right away. Olivier told me he had written the script without thinking about me. In fact, his outlook on the consumption of art was already that way. Let’s just say that me being there just made some moments a little bit more exciting, because of my past experiences.

LE MONDE: Were you aware of his history in the world of cinema?
KRISTEN: ‘Sils Maria’ seems very different compared to his previous films, to me. He’s more calm and thoughtful. Juliette pushed him to write about two different generations of women artists – What they have to give up to live through their art and what they gain in return.

LE MONDE: He is a director who films movement marvellously…
KRISTEN: He stages his scenes meticulously, but I never felt like I was being undermined when I was moving. I felt like I was dancing with the head cameraman, who was catching up to me every time I was moving too far away from where I was supposed to be. Filming was really smooth, free and serene. It’s what makes some scenes, even the most theatrical ones, seem so full of life.

LE MONDE: A word on your collaboration with Juliette Binoche?
KRISTEN: Oh my god, we are so different! She was always rehearsing. As for myself, I learn my lines twenty minutes before each scene. We are both similar, she and I, but our way of accomplishing things couldn’t be more different.

LE MONDE: You’re surrounded by a crowd of assistants. Did they inspire you for the role?
KRISTEN: I’ve had so many! It’s a really interesting dynamic. Right when my character realizes she’s only responding to requests, without being able to give more of herself, she leaves. I’ve seen professional relationships fall apart as well. I love films that deal with the process of film-making.

LE MONDE: In ‘Maps to the Stars’ by David Cronenberg also in competition at Cannes, Robert Pattinson plays the assistant of a celebrity. Have you seen the film?
KRISTEN: Not yet! But I will.

LE MONDE: Five years after ‘Adventureland’, you’re teaming up again with Jesse Eisenberg in ‘American Ultra’ by Nima Nourizadeh…
KRISTEN: Jesse and I have a beautiful complicity. We’re not afraid to show that we’re nervous. It’s an action-comedy, very commercial, but we both took it seriously.
I really believe what my character says in Sils Maria: If it’s well done, a commercial film can touch every facet of you. It’s not necessarily the case with pretentious films.

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The interview is dubbed, but if you listen closely you can make out the English


Here is a new Kristen interview with PEOPLE Magazine where she talks about her CHANEL campaign

Interview via PEOPLE
Ever since we heard that Kristen Stewart was a new face of Chanel, we’ve been dying to see how the line’s creative director and head designer Karl Lagerfeld would style her for his ads. After all, the starlet has a very different look than the ethereal blondes Lagerfeld has tapped for previous campaigns (like Keira Knightley, Blake Lively and Diane Kruger). And as you can see in the first-look video from the ad shoot below, her edgy beauty was played up in cornrows, winged liner and some seriously beautiful clothes.

Stewart had a long working relationship with Chanel — she’s been to its fashion shows and worn Chanel to the Met Gala — before Lagerfeld asked her to model this collection (which he shot himself in Paris). And, she tells PEOPLE, he’s not at all as intimidating as someone of his stature in the fashion world might seem.

“Really, his image is in contrast to what it’s really like to be around him. There’s something almost unapproachable and f—ing chic … And then you meet him and he’s actually an incredibly creative and voracious liver,” she says. “His personal library in Paris that we shot the campaign in, you look around and the staff is like, ‘Now can you believe, he’s actually read all of these books?’ and you’re like, ‘I kind of actually can.’ He’s an impressive guy. He definitely is so much more than the glasses and the hair than you might think he is.”

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collections are produced once a year to show off the craftsmanship of its ateliers. This year’s “romantic Western”-inspired lineup debuted in Dallas, and can be seen on Stewart throughout the video. “It was about finding which pieces from the collection worked on me,” she tells PEOPLE of staging the shoot. “He’s so good at seeing something that’s not cool and making it cool. Like, I would have my leg in one position and he would throw a toothpick in my mouth and tell me to stop leaning on my leg and in two seconds it was like, ‘Oh, there it is.’ It was very cool and easy and artistic. I didn’t feel like I had to push outside of myself. I didn’t have to try to turn into someone else.”

For more from Stewart — including her relationship with the “incredibly enriching” Lagerfeld and why she really changes into sneakers on the red carpet — check out this week’s PEOPLE (on stands Wednesday) and come back Friday for even more from our interview with the star.

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Here are scans of Kristen in ELLE Magazine Portugal

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Here is a great new Photoshoot and interview with Kristen and her stylist, Tara Swennen. They both look great – they talk about how they met, and their fave look’s over the years.

Photoshoots – Kristen Stewart – 2014 – The Hollywood Reporter

Kristen Stewart and Tara Swennen met during the actress’ breakout role in 2007’s Into the Wild when she was 14. “I would go to her with anything — and do — and sometimes fittings are like full-on therapy sessions,” she says.

“We really try to push the envelope,” says Kristen Stewart of Swennen. “Tara reminds me that I like to be daring, that I like to do things differently. She pushes me in the best way.”

Stylist Tara Swennen is lauded for recognizing a client’s individuality (i.e., Kristen Stewart’s Chanel hot pants), but where she has a larger-than-most impact is internationally, thanks in part to client Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, whose Big Bang Theory dominates worldwide syndication.

Swennen recalls her very first red carpet with Stewart: “She was attending a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, and it was a Chanel moment.” Chimes in Stewart, the face of Chanel’s new Metiers d’Art Paris-Dallas campaign that debuts in May, “It all comes full circle with Chanel.”

One of Swennen’s top look? Her pick is Stewart’s ladylike tweed jacket teamed with those hot pants and fingerless leather gloves that she wore front-row at Chanel’s Haute Couture show in July in Paris.

Behind the scenes video from the Photoshoot and Interview


(or watch here)

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In the April issue of ELLE, out today, Kristen Stewart shares her favourite beauty products. Here she talks about changing her looks for roles, her favourite smells and the unlikely character she looks to for beauty advice…

On ageing:
‘I’ve just started using an eye cream, you know I never used to worry about these things but lately I have noticed my skin changing’.

On getting enough sleep:
‘Typically I try to get good sleep, drink water, eat healthy. I could sleep 10 hours, but I find eight hours is sufficient’.

‘But then I’ve had some of my most treasured experiences on no sleep like when we were filming On the Road. I’m not even kidding there were nights we didn’t sleep but we were living well and so inspired – everyone looked great.’

On changing her look for roles:
‘I’m pretty much open to anything – if I really loved the part I’d do anything. You know, hair grows relatively speaking – it doesn’t take that long in exchange for a good experience so I think it’s worth it. I’ve been blonde, dark, I’ve had reddish hair, short long. I run the gambit’.

On her off-duty style:
‘I go for a typically natural look, not just because its easy. I’m from Southern California – I was born and raised in LA and here we’re very casual. If I go to London or New York – it’s so fancy; I’m the one looking completely out of place.’

‘My mom is a completely southern California girl – she is why I am ‘Miss jeans and a T-shirt’. You look at those people, who are so put together, and then you look at their mom’s and they tend to be put together. My mom is like don’t worry about it; make-up is so artificial why would you not want to look like yourself?’

On beauty advice:
‘Take a tip from Zoolander,’ she told ELLE. ‘Moisture is key’ she said referring to the movie quote – ‘Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty’.

On her beauty icon:
‘Chloe Sevigny is intimidatingly cool. She does the whole no make-up thing so well, but when she does go for a ‘look’ it just works.’

On her favourite smells:
‘I really love cooking – I love the smell of fresh herbs. Do not like to bake, there’s like a chemistry element that I’m not into. I like cooking American comfort food – but then I can also do lighter, healthier food. Gardenia is probably my favourite smell.’

On how a man should smell:
‘Man, honestly I don’t like aftershave. I don’t even like it when their hair smells of product.’

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A small new Kristen interview in ELLE France
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Translation –
The American actress, Face of Balenciaga and her secret beauty.

Your secret for a beautiful skin?
I watch to always clean my skin. I use Proactiv + special teenager‘s cleansing which fit really good with me, I don’t really know what will happen if i’ll stop one day. Then I apply eye contour and a moisturizing cream; Dermalogica or a treatment by a make-up artist, I think it’s good for the skin.

Your make-up that you use everyday?
I don’t put anything heavy on my skin. And when I don’t have this perfect black line of eyeliner made by my make-up artist Jillian Dempsey, I take H&M’s eyeliner which is really good and cheap. The other day I even ask my friend to buy me five of them! The final result have to be natural and thin cause i don’t want to look like a raccoon ! And as i like my lip’s color i only apply moisturizing balm Rosebud.

And to go out?
A little red lip, few or really red but nothing in between. When I have to dress for an events I wear a Chanel’ s dark nail polish , rouge, noir ou dark blue according what I wear.

Do you have a plan to keep a thin body?
I can eat five cheeseburger in a week ! I‘m lucky I don’t have to watch what I eat. But before I shoot a movie, I try to eat better and healthily. I love cooking: I make the best quinoa, with coco’s milk instead of water, mango and herbs. Crunchy and creamy at the same time!

Something you do all the time?
I don’t have a coach but I should! I love running, swimming, skateboarding and biking or a walk with my dogs. I’m lucky to live in California where there are a lot of nice place outdoors, I’m boring to practice in a fitness center! But I do it sometimes like before shooting Snow White; I knew that I won’t stop running, and I didn’t want everybody wait me to catch my breath! I practiced everyday in L.A with a coach who kicked my ass, I was in a good shape.

In you armor there is …
Rosabotanica de Balenciaga, I was fan of Florabotanica, the previous fragrance. Unlike its name this new perfume isn’t too much flowery, there is something warm. And especially it’s different on each person.

The best beauty advice someone give you?
Drink water and sleep.

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Here is a scan of a quick-fire interview with Kristen in the UK Times, for Rosabotanica

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