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Great news – Kristen’s upcoming movie Camp X-Ray finally has a distributor – it has been acquired by IFC. Hopefully we don’t need to wait to much longer on an official trailer for the film

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IFC Films took North American rights to Peter Sattler’s directorial debut film Camp X-Ray, which made its debut at Sundance. Pic stars Kristen Stewart, Payman Maadi and Lane Garrison, and was produced by Gina Kwon, and executive produced by Emmy Ellison, Lindsay Williams, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, David Gordon Green and Sophia Lin. Stewart plays a soldier who gets assigned guard duty at Guantanamo Bay, where she strikes up a friendship with a detainee.

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According to – Kristen’s upcoming movie Equals is set to head to the Berlin Film Festival

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The Drake Doremus-directed sci-fi pic Equals that we told you in the fall would star Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult is shaping up, and with financing in hand is now set to head to Berlin‘s European Film Market next month as a prime sales target. Scott Free has come aboard with Indian Paintbrush to back the film, and Exclusive Media will sell foreign rights at EFM. Nathan Parker (Moon) penned the script, and Doremus was talking up the project when he was doing press for his last pic Breathe In. Steven Rales’ producer/financier Indian Paintbrush has had a relationship with Doremus since his Like Crazy. Stay tuned.

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It appears that Kristen will begin filming for American Ultra in New Orleans from the end of March, straight after she finishes filming Still Alice in New York

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Here is official confirmation that Kristen will play Lydia in Still Alice which will begin shooting on March 3rd in New York

via Screen Daily
EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth also on board in-demand drama for which Memento has secured several major deals with key territories.

Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth are now confirmed alongside Julianne Moore in Memento Films International’s hot -selling drama Still Alice.

The project was one of the most in-demand at the American Film Market (AFM), with Memento locking pre-sales at the market and since with Curzon for the UK, Splendid’s Polyband for Germany, Icon Film for Australia, Frenetic for Switzerland, Svensk for Scandinavia, Baltics and Iceland, Sun Distribution for Latin America, Falcon Film for Middle East, Bir for Turkey, Golden Scene for Hong Kong, GreenNarae for South Korea to and Catchplay to Taiwan.

Moore will play a renowned professor of neuroscience who discovers she’s suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Stewart will play Lydia, her youngest daughter, who bonds with her mother during her illness in a way that was impossible for them before.

Quinceañera directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland will direct the adaptation of Lisa Genova’s bestselling novel of the same name, with production due to get underway in early March in New York City.

Backed by Backup Media and Marie Savare’s new finance venture BSM Studio, producers are Lex Lutzus, Pamela Koffler and James Brown in association with Killer Films. Maria Shriver will serve as executive producer. CAA reps US rights.

Memento’s slate includes BSM-backed Sundance entry Cold in July from director Jim Mickle, Asghar Farhadi’s The Past and Natalia Smirnoff’s Lock Charmer.

Memento managing director Emilie Georges told ScreenDaily: “We knew that the project would be met with enthusiastic interest but the market response to the script and package has been incredible.”


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It appears that Kristen’s upcoming movie Sils Maria has been re-named to Clouds of Sils Maria. The name change first came to light over the last few day’s when referred to the new movie title in this article. And then looking back at old tweets, producer Charles Gillibert tweeted the following –

@ charlegillibert: #CloudsofSilsMaria clap de fin !

*UPDATE* Charles tweeted today replying to a fans question – confirming the new title

What do you think of the new title? like? or prefer the previous title?


It seem’s like Kristen has yet another secret project that we are only just hearing about.. a movie called Still Alice also starring Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin & Kate Bosworth. As of now, this news hasn’t been confirmed however it seem’s like the project has been in the pipeline from as far back as August 2013.. even with Kate Bosworth tweeting about the project back in September..

Hopefully we get confirmation on the project soon, and further details on the movie and Kristen’s character. The movie is set to film in New York mid-February 2014.

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Kristen has done a new interview where she talks about her upcoming movie Equals – confirming her involvement in the project. Rumors that Kristen was attached to the movie first surfaced last year and now we have confirmation. Kristen will play the lead role, also starring Nicholas Hoult.

Kristen Stewart has signed on to play the lead in “Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus’ futuristic love story “Equals,” and it’s making her a nervous wreck.

“I can’t believe I agreed to do it,” said the “Twilight” actress about her upcoming role in the sci-fi drama, which also stars Nicholas Hoult of the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Stewart describes “Equals” as a slightly updated version of the 1956 film “1984,” based on George Orwell’s classic 1949 novel about rebellion in a repressed futuristic society. “Equals” begins filming later this year.

“I’m terrified of it,” said the 23-year-old actress in a recent interview. “Though it’s a movie with a really basic concept, it’s overtly ambitious.”

“In ‘Equals,’ things go wrong because you can’t deny the humanity in everyone,” said Stewart. “It’s the most devastating story.”

Adds Doremus of his sixth film: “It’s about love in a world where love really doesn’t exist anymore.”

Written by Nathan Parker (“Moon”), “Equals” is the first film Doremus will direct that he didn’t write himself.

“I trust Drake’s process and I know we will do something really natural and real,” said Stewart. “But I told Drake, ‘Don’t expect that I am going to be able to do this. It’s too hard.’ But he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I’ve given directors disclaimers before, but never this much.”

Jennifer Lawrence, who appeared in 2011’s “Like Crazy,” was one of the first actresses to read Parker’s script. Though the story brought her to tears, she couldn’t see herself in the role, said Doremus.

“It became evident in my head that Nick and Kristen would have great chemistry,” the director said.

“It’s a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion,” added Stewart. “I’m scared.”

This week, the actress heads to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where she’ll star in writer-director Peter Sattler’s soldier film “Camp X-Ray.”

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It has just been announced that Kristen’s upcoming movie Camp X-Ray will premiere at Sundance 2014 – taking place from 16th-26th January 2014, at Park City, Utah.

“Camp X-Ray” — Directed and written by Peter Sattler. A young female guard at Guantanamo Bay forms an unlikely friendship with one of the detainees. Cast: Kristen Stewart, Payman Maadi, Lane Garrison, J.J. Soria, John Carroll Lynch.

And to add to the excitement, we have our first official movie still of Kristen from the movie.. thanks to

Movies & Other Projects – Camp X-Ray – Official Stills

Kristen’s mother Jules, posted this tweet congratulating her daughter! 🙂

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It seems that things are still very much up in the air as to if the sequel for Snow White & The Huntsman will happen or not. Universal originally confirmed that SWATH2 would be released in 2015, with Kristen returning to reprise her role as Snow White, and that a different director would come in for the sequel, however now it seem’s that the future of the project is still uncertain..

Chris Hemsworth who plays the Huntsman, recently said at the premiere for his new movie ‘Rush’ that he is very busy next year (2014) that he isn’t sure when he would find time to shoot for SWATH2.. so i guess for now, we shall need to wait and see what happens.

I recently interviewed screenwriter Evan Daugherty who directed a recent popular internet short film, THE FOUR PEOPLE, I’ll post that interview later on, but I want to share with you what he told me about SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.
If you recalled, last year, Kristen Stewart herself sorta confirmed that the sequel will happen and that she’ll reprise her lead role, and then this past Spring, Universal announced that they would release the sequel sometime in 2015. And there were reports that the sequel may even focus more on the huntsman and how he came to be.
But we haven’t heard much of anything from that front in a while.
So I asked Evan Daugherty, who was responsible for the story that became the basis for the first film, but is not in charge of scripting the sequel, on why he’s not involved with the sequel at all. And this was his response..

“Well, that’s a good question. I wish I knew.
Well, first of all, there’s a lot of.. I’m not entirely sure that it’s going to happen. I keep hearing rumblings every few months that they’re going to do some type of SNOW WHITE Sequel, and sometimes I hear rumors that the director would be involved or won’t be involved, certain star will be involved or not involved.

The process of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN was an interesting one, because that one was very personal, I wrote that original spec script many years ago, when I was still a student in college.
It was great to see it come to light, but these things start to take on a life of their own and who knows why people decide to go in whatever decision they decide to go in. I wish that franchise well. But I’ve been keeping busy on other things.”

Snow White And The Huntsman banked $396.3 Million in the summer of 2012

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It has been announced that Kristen’s upcoming new movie The Big Shoe is now in Pre-Production and they will begin filming in April 2014

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Steven Shainberg
Cast: Jim Sturgess, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, Klaus Maria Brandauer
From the director of the critically acclaimed smash hit SECRETARY

THE BIG SHOE is a daring and comedic romance about an unusual, creatively stifled shoe designer, Nate and his newfound muse, Delphi, who inspires him to resume his brilliant designs. Denied the chance by his family to design high-end women’s shoes, Nate Arbinger, refuses to have anything to do with the family’s industrial footwear business while his father is still alive. Following his death, Nate returns home for the funeral, knowing that his mother, Irene, and older sister, Ellen, desperately want him to revive and revamp the company but he has little interest in fulfilling their wishes.

His lack of engagement prompts Irene to hire MK, a therapist who specializes in treating foot fetishists, in order to woo Nate back to work. MK, in turn, hires Delphi, a foot model and sex worker to act as Nate’s muse. Inspired by the beautiful Delphi with whom he is clearly falling in love, Nate begins to create his most beautiful work. But when the family seizes control of his new line of shoes and separates him from his muse, he suffers a breakdown until MK intervenes to restore an unexpected and surprising harmony to his life.

Bankside has newly boarded Steven Shainberg’s comedy-drama set to star Jim Sturgess, Kristen Stewart.

London-based sales outfit Bankside Films is the new sales company on board Steven Shainberg’s comedy-drama The Big Shoe.

Jim Sturgess, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks and Klaus Maria Brandauer are set to star in the story of a gifted shoe designer (Sturgess) forced to break free from a family who want to cheapen his art for their own commercial gain. Stewart will play the designer’s muse.

Written by Shainberg and Mickey Birnbaum, new backing for the film comes from Bankside and South Africa’s Azari Media. The shoot is planned for April 2014.

Andrew Lazar (I Love You Philip Morris) of Mad Chance Productions produces, while executive producers are Christina Weiss Lurie, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross and Anton Ernst.

CAA is packaging and reps North American rights.

Bankside’s head of sales and marketing Stephen Kelliher, said: “We are huge fans of Secretary so when the opportunity to be involved in Steven Shainberg’s next feature arose, we knew that we had to do it. It is a highly original story from an extraordinary director who has attracted a sensational cast to the project. We know that international distributors are going to be as excited about this film as we are and we look forward to presenting the film to them here at the AFM.”

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– Sources – Bank Side Films | ScreenDaily