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I wanted to share some pictures with you guys, from my visits to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA to see Kristen’s Hand and Footprints. So for those who may not know, i flew over to LA in early July from the UK and seeing her Hand and Footprints was one of the priorities on my bucket list of things to see, and since i was staying not far from where the hand/footprints are, i was able to stop by them a few times, so i wanted to share some of my photos with you. Being able to see this in person meant so much to me, as like most other fans, i can still remember back to the day in 2012, sitting watching the live stream while the ceremony for the Hand and Footprints took place, so it was very exciting and surreal to finally be able to see it in person.

During my time in LA, i got to meet two KSHQ visitors, Michelle and Karen. I was lucky enough to spend a few day’s with Michelle and we got to experience visiting the Hand and Footprints together which meant so much to us both to be able to do that together as fans.

KSHQ Exclusives – When KSHQ visited Kristen’s Hand & Footprints in LA


Hey everyone, i just wanted to write this Summer site update to keep all of you updated and let you know that i will be spending some time this Summer in California, USA from July 14th, flying over from the UK. Updates / News Posts etc will continue as normal while i’m away as i will still have access to Wifi, but please be patient with me if some posts are a little bit slower than usual as i will be busy, however – i would like to introduce you all to my very good friend Dale who has very kindly agreed to help me out with some news posts while i’m travelling. Welcome Dale :]

I am also very excited to be able to meet 2 of our long-time visitors, Michelle and Karen while i’ll be overseas – something which i’m proud of as it is a reminder to me that KSHQ has brought together so many people all from different parts of the world who have made friendships, wither it be in person, here on our website chat area or via our social media. Please continue to chat amoungst yourselfs in our chat area, especially since we still have a lot of Kristen promo going on at the moment to be excited about.

Feel free to follow me on my personal Twitter account @thatssolozza while i’m travelling. :]

#CaliforniaDreaming x

If you see the following ( written in red ) on any picture updates, it means i haven’t been able to upload the full set of images while travelling, so i will continue to update and add to these posts when i have more time and/or when i get back.
* More Photos from this set to be added in due course.. i am currently travelling *


As you can now see, Kristen Stewart has a new look. If you are currently still seeing the old design, then please hit refresh on your browsers. We were badly over-due a new look as we had the last one up for a couple of months now. This design is very simple and minimalistic, with some subtle pastel colours and features the beautiful new images from Kristen’s new CHANEL campaign – it’s always such a difficult choice to select photos for a new design, but this photoshoot really stood out to me.

I hope you guy’s like the new look, let me know what you think over in the chat area!


Happy New Year everyone! As you can now see, i have taken down our Christmas / Holiday theme and put up this new layout, something a little different and fresh for the New Year. I hope you all like it. We have lots to look forward to over the next few days, with Kristen attending the NYFCC Awards and also appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show – a great kick start to 2016 for us


Welcome all Kristen fans to our brand new Christmas theme here at – we hope this design get’s you all in the festive spirit for over the Holiday season. You may have noticed, but the site now also has a special falling-snow effect, just to give it that little extra Christmas touch. Please let us know what you think of the new look over in the chat area!

Happy Holidays, and have yourself a Merry little Krismas 😉 !


Welcome to the new version of Kristen Stewart – i really hope you all like this new, fresh look on the site. If you are still seeing the old version, please refresh your browsers.

Please bare with us while we work out the last minute finishing touches


As you guys can now see, we have a new design here at – if you are still seeing our previous design, please refresh your browsers to be able to see the new look.

This design features one of my fave Kristen photoshoots from Interview magazine in 2012. It is also viewed best on Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think on the new look – just let me know over in the site chat area 🙂


As you can now see, we have a fresh new design here at Kristen Stewart HQ (if you can’t see it, hit your refresh buttons)

I have named the theme Cannes Chic as it features the beautiful portrait shots of Kristen from the Cannes Film Festival back in May.


Here is a master post where you can find direct links to all of the new posts i have made with the news that i missed during the week of June 1st-June 8th while i was away on Vacation.

More Kristen Portraits from Cannes
New Kristen interview with Scoop and Raya from Cannes
New/Old Kristen portraits from 2008
New video from CHANEL of Kristen’s Cannes Journey
New Pic of Kristen from Cannes for Madame Figaro
New/Old pic of Kristen on set of ‘Camp X-Ray’
New Kristen interview from Cannes


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that i am off on a week-long Vacation as of early tomorrow morning (June 1st) and i don’t get back until the evening of June 8th (next Sunday) – so while i am away, i won’t be updating the site until i am home, and then when i return i will do a master post with any news, pics etc that we get from the week i am away.

I will respond to all e-mails, tweets and ask.FM questions when i return 🙂

See you all soon!
– Lorna x