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On Wednesday 20th November 2019, I attended the U.K. Premiere of Charlie’s Angels which took place at Curzon Mayfair in London, and I met Kristen for the second time. I previously met Kristen back on 14th May 2012 at the Snow White and the Huntsman Premiere in London, so it was so lovely to see her again after so many years. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to say that I got to meet her twice in my lifetime. If you are interested in hearing all about my experience at the Charlie’s Angels Premiere, check out my experience below.

I want to start by saying a very special thanks to Sony Pictures and Freuds for providing me with special Bloggers passes to the Premiere as well as x2 tickets to head inside to watch the movie afterwards. What an incredible experience, and I am very grateful I was able to be there to capture content for the fans and our website.

I started off by travelling to London the day before the Premiere – I live in Glasgow so I travelled down to London by train. The following morning, I headed to the location of where the Premiere was taking place, so that we could collect our wristbands for the fan pen at the premiere. (2 of my friends were going into the fan pen while I was going into a special Bloggers pen) – While we were getting our wristbands, we saw Kristen’s bodyguard JB (HBG) at the venue, he was speaking to security.. I’d assume they were going over details for that night. After collecting our bands, we were told to come back later on, around 3pm.

Fast forward a few hours later, we spent some time getting ready for the premiere back at our hotel and then headed back to the venue. We were told to line up in the order of the numbers on our wristbands. After a short while, we were eventually let into the pens. The Bloggers fan pen was located directly across from the entrance, next to the media pen, and then there was other fan pens located up and down the carpet. This premiere was on a much smaller scare in comparison to some of Kristen’s previous London premieres which took place at Leicester Square, however this meant we got to experience a much calmer and more intimate experience meeting Kristen as she wasn’t as rushed as she was back in the crazy days of Twilight pandemonium.

We were told that the cast would start arriving around 6pm, and since we had been very kindly given tickets to go in afterwards to watch the movie – we were told we had to be inside the theatre and seated by 7pm, which gave us an hour to enjoy the carpet. Much to our surprise, Kristen was the first cast member to arrive at around 6:05pm. We were stood quite close to where the cast would arrive from and we saw her arrive in her car, just behind the gates, and saw her quickly changing into her jacket before coming out onto the carpet. We were so shocked that she was arriving first, so we had to quickly get ourselves organised as she started meeting fans on our side of the carpet first.

As Kristen approached me, it was almost like I froze.. all the things I had planned in my head to say to her didn’t come out (lol) I remember just staring at her almost a little shocked, but I asked her if I could have a photo with her and she replied saying of course, she leaned in and we took our photo but I was worried it might be a little blurry because 1) it was freezing that night and I was shaking with the cold and 2) I was shaking a little bit because I was meeting Kristen Stewart, my idol. So I asked her if it was okay if I could take another photo because I think the first one might be blurry and again she was so lovely about it and said sure. Afterwards, I held out a photo of her and I from the first time we met back in 2012 and she smiled at it and said “Aww cute” and signed it, then she also signed my Charlie’s Angels movie poster. I told her that it was so lovely to meet her again. She then moved on to my friend who was next to me, and she was much more prepared than I was, and she started telling Kristen about how much of an impact Kristen had made on her life.. and Kristen was very sweet and took her time to listen to every word she said, without being rushed along. My friend also gave her a card and Kristen said thank you and handed it to JB (I actually had a card for Kristen too but I completely forgot to hand it to her in the moment lol) – she then continued to make her way further down the carpet, before moving on to press interviews and posting for photographers.

I will point out that this night was very chilly and cold.. there was an icy cold wind and Kristen took her time to make sure she signed and took photos with every fan on the carpet. She was the only cast member who came to every section of the carpet to meet fans, and she was freezing and shivering while doing so but still made the time to make sure everyone got to see her. After looking at my photos after meeting her, I realised that my first photo wasn’t blurry after all, so it turns out I ended up with two lovely photos with her.

Shortly after meeting Kristen, Naomi came over to our section of the carpet and she signed my Poster and we took a photo together. Ella and Elizabeth sadly never came over to our side of the carpet that night.. I was a little sad about that but I wasn’t too disappointed – I had met Kristen, so meeting any other cast members was just considered a bonus. Sam Claflin arrived quite late and he started on the opposite side of the carpet, and because we had to leave to head inside to watch the movie it meant that we missed him too.

We headed inside the theatre, where we were shown to our seats. We were located inside the smaller theatre upstairs, and were gifted with a free can (yes can) of water, and some popcorn. The room was very cosy and comfortable, with red velvet interior, and a little table beside us which had it’s own lamp. Once we had gotten comfortable and ready to watch the movie, Elizabeth Banks headed inside the theatre to introduce the movie. Sadly Kristen, Ella and Naomi didn’t come in – they only introduced the movie in the bigger theatre downstairs. After Elizabeth’s introduction, the movie started.

Over all, the movie was amazing. It was one of Kristen’s best performances to date in my opinion, and I loved seeing her in a more comedic role – she has some hilarious lines and she is well suited to the action role. I loved seeing her in a Blockbuster movie once again, as most of her previous projects, since Twilight have been indie movies with a much smaller release. Definitely go and check out Charlie’s Angels in Theatres worldwide now.

Getting to meet Kristen again after 7 years was amazing. I feel SO lucky and grateful to be able to say that I have met my idol twice in my life time. She is so kind, and beautiful and hopefully we can meet again someday. Every Kristen fan deserves their moment to meet her.

You can view our Exclusive Photos from the Premiere HERE

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