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Kristen was out with a group of her friends at Ye Rustin Inn in LA last night (January 10th) and with thanks to who have shared 3 photos as well as an encounter, as they were in Ye Rustic Inn last night and spotted Kristen.

Translation of the Encounter via Google Translate.. (it hasn’t been translated in perfect english) – Perhaps not all of our users know , but now part of the team website is distant Los Angeles. That’s our girl moderators lucky enough to meet someone either , and the very inimitable and so our favorite Kristen Stewart ! Suppressing a wave of white envy – and yet we all envy them , but only kindness ! – Run more under the cut to find out all the details first hand!

mened: Today at 11:47 the night of 10 to 11 January us Site moderators Kindy and mened, it’s a text message that Kristen with friends can be in one of the bars near the hotel where we stayed . At that time we were already in bed and slept peacefully . But as the alarm , we jumped in the second pulling hoodies and jeans over nochnushek , rushed into this bar and arrived there in ten minutes . And yes, Suzie , Jack, CJ , Alicia , Charlotte , her boyfriend and some other guys were sitting at the tables . We did not immediately notice Kristen among so many people. Its very well put , that it is not conspicuous .

They chatted , laughed, took pictures of each other, dancing in their seats . A little later they were joined by Alannah with a guy who sat on the edge and began to chat amiably , and then photographed the entire company on the phone Charlotte and Kristen. Periodically, the whole company went outside to smoke. Kristen is not smoke or drink, like most of them. Suzie left the first bar with Jack , before it all got kissed goodbye and friendly ” bird” from Kristen.

All company behaved like a normal youth, they had fun, picked on each other , naprygivali at each other, trying on hats. In general, does not stand out against the background of other young companies . They had left twenty minutes before closing the institution. Kristen sat in the car next to the rear SiDzheem , Alan was behind the wheel , and next to her Alicia . Charlotte with her boyfriend and left the rest on the other machine .

We did not ask Kristen photographed with us and break into her private life . In fact , it is very pleasant company , in which people feel at ease and naturally, a special impression on us , Alan , who was very pretty , relaxed , smiling girl.

You can read the full encounter HERE

Pics of Kristen and her group of friends..

Misc – Fan Photos

Those of you who follow some of Kristen’s friends on Instagram – they have shared some pics from last night on their accounts (no pics of Kristen)

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