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► NOVEMBER 24 – Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live ► NOVEMBER 25 – Happiest Season released in the US ► NOVEMBER 26 – Happiest Season released in the UK

Kristen and her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Naomi and Ella – are featured on the cover of V Magazine

Photoshoots – 2019 – V Magazine

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Last night, Kristen hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time, and I think it is safe to say that she done an amazing job. Check out all of the content below, including the skits, monologue, stills and more

If you would like to download the episode in full, click here

– Introduction Monolgue


Other Sketches Here :
Sketch 3 : Open Mic
Sketch 4 : Stargazing
Sketch 5 : A Proposition
Sketch 6 : Hungry Jury
Sketch 7 : New Paint
Sketch 8 : Rosie The Riveter

Episode Screen Captures currently being uploaded, stay tuned…


Other Projects – Hosting Saturday Night Live (2019) – 2nd November 2019 – Promotional Images


Other Projects – Hosting Saturday Night Live (2019) – 2nd November 2019 – Stills

Thanks to : Source & @Gossipgyal for the full download link


Here are the first promotional images and clips, ahead of Kristen’s episode of Saturday Night Live which airs on 2nd November, with special musical guests Coldplay

Other Projects – Hosting Saturday Night Live (2019) – 2nd November 2019

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Last night, Kristen appeared on Jimmy Fallon in New York, to chat about her upcoming movie release of Charlie’s Angels as well as her hosting gig on SNL this weekend. As it’s Halloween, Kristen also dressed up for the occasion on the show. She also took part in a fun game of virtual reality Pictionary – Watch below



Events & Appearances – 2019 – 31st October – Appearing on Jimmy Fallon

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It has been announced that the US Premiere of Charlie’s Angels will take place in Los Angeles on 11th November, followed by the UK Premiere in London on 20th November

Further information will be provided as soon as we have it


Kristen will appear on Jimmy Fallon on 31st October (Halloween) to chat about her upcoming movie, Charlies Angels


Good Morning, Kristen Fans (see what I did there?..)

Welcome to the BRAND NEW website design here at Kristen Stewart – something that has been very long over due. I have spent the last couple of months working on this theme.. I wanted to do something special to celebrate and honour the upcoming release of Kristen’s movie, Charlie’s Angels which comes out next month – especially since you guys always said that you loved our movie-themed designs over the years, so here we are back with yet another one. I hope you all love it, and please let me know what you think over in the Kristen fan chat area located in the sidebar

Not only that, but we also have a brand new theme over in our photo gallery, so don’t forget to check that out too!


Last night, Kristen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live! alongside her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Elizabeth Banks, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott to talk about their upcoming movie.

Watch the interview below!

Events & Appearances – 2019 – 23rd September – Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Kristen will be returning to host Saturday Night Live for the second time, on November 2nd. This news will be exciting for Kristen fans, as we’ve been waiting for her to return ever since her first successful stint in hosting the show back in February 2017.

The musical guest is still to be announced


The trailer for Charlie’s Angels is finally here! – check it out below

I apologise for my lack of updates over the past few months… things have been very hectic in my personal life, but with the excitement of Charlie’s Angels ahead of us.. i can assure you that things will be back to normal shortly and we have a very exciting Angel’s themed website design coming soon!