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On November 14th 2012 KristenStewartHQ.com attended the London Premiere of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 held at Leicester Square, at the Empire, Odeon and Vue cinemas. We were very lucky enough to win x2 tickets via a competition that was held by DigitalSpy, which enabled us to walk the red carpet and go inside to watch the movie.

Me stood next to a Premiere sign, just as i arrived at Leicester Square in the morning of the Premiere

So early morning of the day of the Premiere (November 14th 2012) i got on a 5am flight from Edinburgh in Scotland to Gatwick in London. The flight was just over an hour long – and then once we landed, we had to get a train into the City Centre of London and then a tube to Leicester Square before checking into our hotel, which was perfect as it was located right on the corner of the square. The night before, i didn’t manage a wink of sleep – the Monday night (12th) had been the LA World Premiere, so i had stayed up very late into the early hours of the morning to watch the live stream coverage and then after a few hours of sleep, i got up around 11am on the Tuesday morning (13th) to upload all the photos and videos from the Premiere the night before onto the website, and then obviously that Tuesday night, as i mentioned – i never managed to sleep at all. So i was utterly exhausted by the time i got to my hotel in London. So as soon as i checked into the hotel around 9am that morning, i went to bed for a couple of hours while my boyfriend went sight seeing around London. After my nap, we went out to lunch at a nice Restaurant in Leicester Square, and the Square was really crowded by fans who had been camping over night.. i managed to get some time to go over and speak to some of the campers.. some of them had been camping for 3 day’s.

My two tickets for the Premiere

After collecting our tickets that we had won via a Competition, we went back to our hotel to get ready for the Premiere. On our way back to the hotel, we walked past Wyck Godfrey.. he was walking up the lane behind the ‘Empire’ cinema, but he was in a hurry and he was away inside by the time i realized it was him. Once we were back in our room – and as i had my iPad with me, i loaded up the live stream to the Premiere so i could watch what was going on outside at the red carpet while we got ready in our hotel room. Basically what happens is when you walk the red carpet, you aren’t allowed to stand about on the carpet for long – security usher guests inside quickly. Only the cast and celebrities are allowed to stay for long periods of time on the carpet. So we had this clever idea, that we would wait in our rooms watching the live stream until we seen Rob, Kristen and Taylor arrive – so that we could see which area of the red carpet that they were standing around roughly. Because the red carpet was so large, there was different ‘corners’ on the red carpet which had security standing at for the guests to get on the red carpet from – so once we seen Kristen, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner arrive and we had worked out which area of the carpet where they were standing, we went to one specific corner of the red carpet to get on, so that we would be able to walk past the cast on our way inside. The whole experience of being able to walk down that red carpet.. the same red carpet that Rob and Kristen were walking down that night – seeing the view that they were having, knowing that all those fans waiting there were there to see them. It was an amazing experience!

We were located inside the Odeon cinema ( there was 3 cinemas where the premiere was held – the Odeon, Empire and Vue ) and it was very surreal walking through the lobby of the Odeon.. as in May 2012, i met Kristen and had my photo taken with her in that exact same lobby while i was there for the Snow White & The Huntsman Premiere. So i remember walking through, and those memories coming back to me. As we took our seats inside the theatre, we had about an hour until the movie started so they were playing footage from outside on the big screen, they had given us free chocolate, crisps and bottled water at our seats and there was also a bar. We were in the 4th row, and i remember thinking that we would of had such a perfect view if the cast came on stage to introduce the movie. Sadly they never came inside – however they DID go on stage inside the Empire theatre.. they were apparently ment to come inside our theatre too but they ran out of time, which was my only disappointment of the night.

Me on the Red Carpet at the Premiere

Being able to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 for the first time at the Premiere was amazing.. the movie was outstanding, and during the ending as ‘A Thousand Years’ played.. i remember looking down at my ‘Twilight’ tattoo on my wrist, and having a quick glance around the room to take it all in, and saying to myself – THIS. This is why Twilight means so much to me.. i felt so proud of everything that Twilight has brought us.. proud of the cast and crew for being in our lives for these past few years. I will remember that moment forever!

By the time we came out of the theatre once the movie was done – the cast and crew were long gone – they had headed to the airport to catch a flight to Madrid for the next Premiere, and outside the door of the Odeon, the crew were VERY fast at their work in taking down all of the Premiere equipment ready for whatever next Premiere would be happening the next evening. I was shocked.. because half of the stuff was down by the time we came outside, but there was a team of maybe 300 people working hard at it. Once we came outside, we grabbed some dinner – had a quick walk around the Square then headed back to our hotel room. We flew home on an 11am flight the following morning.

My premiere experience was amazing.. to be able to walk the carpet and see the movie, and just to be there to experience everything was the perfect ending to The Twilight Saga for me. It is an experience i will treasure forever! Thank you to all the Twilight cast, crew, Stephenie Meyer and my fellow Twi-hards.. i love you and thanks for taking this ride with me <3 You can view our Exclusive Photos from the Premiere HERE

Or view my video of the red carpet being set up..

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