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I wanted to share my details with you all about my experience at the Snow White & The Huntsman World Premiere on May 14th 2012, which took place between the EMPIRE and ODEON Cinemas in Leicester Square, London.

On Saturday 12th May 2012, i left Edinburgh in Scotland on a 5am bus to London – which was a 10hour Journey! I arrived in London around 3pm on the Saturday. Even though the Premiere wasn’t until Monday the 14th, i went 2 day’s early so that i could spend a couple of day’s hanging out with other fans who were in London for the Premiere. The Saturday night, i went out for dinner in London and then i met up with a group of visitors of this website and we had a few drinks at a bar not too far from our hotel. Then on the Sunday (13th) i visited Madame Tussauds so that i could see Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s waxwork figures (they don’t really look like them.. but it was still cool to see regardless and it sucks there is no Kristen one…yet) and then i done a bit of sight-seeing around London before heading back to our hotel to get ready for our busy day a head of us..

So on the day of the Premiere, I was given two Blogger Fan Pen passes and two tickets for the Premiere ( one each for myself and the other for my boyfriend) we had to collect our tickets and passes at 1pm on the Monday afternoon, and then the Blogger Fan Pen itself opened at 4pm. – This fan pen, was a special area for fans who run websites, blogs , Facebook groups etc dedicated to the cast.. so i was there because i run Kristen Stewart HQ. That morning, it had been raining pretty heavy, and i felt so bad for all the campers who had been out all night in the cold, however thankfully about an hour and a half before the cast started arriving, the rain stopped. Once we were settled in the Fan Pen, we were getting ourselves sorted and chatted to other fans in the pen, when one of the other girls said that they seen Josh Horowitz(Presenter for MTV) standing round the corner.. so i decided to take a quick walk around to see, and i got the chance to speak to him for a few moments and get a photo with him. He was so sweet, and friendly and its so nice to see him being kind to Twilight fans. Lovely man! Then we went back to the Bloggers pen, and just at that, we seen Giuliana Rancic from E! News walking around the corner to get to her assigned spot in the Press Pen.. and then we also seen Ben Lyons. We were very lucky, as they allowed us to speak to some members of the cast and interview them (the girls standing next to me mainly spoke to them, and they interviewed the Made in Chelsea cast) – Celebrity Guest wise, i seen Twist n Pulse from Britains Got Talent, Simon Webb and the Made in Chelsea cast arriving to watch the movie.

Our fan pen, was located on the corner, in front of the little stage area that was set up for interviews – at the start of where the Black carpet began (this area was set to be the Dark Forrest) so it took the cast quite awhile to reach us as we were on the other side. We were told that cast would begin arriving at 5.30pm, and then at 6.30pm the doors for the Odeon (the cinema we would be in for viewing the movie) would open, and we had to be in there and seated by 6.45pm ready for the movie to begin. However, the cast didn’t begin arriving until nearer 5.45pm and as 6.30pm was approaching, and guests began arriving to enter the Cinema, the 4 main cast members (Kristen, Charlize, Chris and Sam) hadn’t reached us yet.. and were all still busy round the corner doing press, so i decided that it was more important for me that i see Kristen, so i was willing to miss the movie in the hope i could see her.. as i would be seeing the movie in afew weeks anyway at the cinema. Charlize began making her way over to us, and spoke to some media just along from us.. however she was pulled away before she could reach us, saying that they wanted her to hurry and get inside the Odeon to introduce the movie, so we never got the chance to properly speak to her. Then, Sam Claflin came over to us – he was such a gentleman.. talked with us for a few moments and i got a photo with him. While he was talking to the girls next to us, Kristen appeared so quickly right in front of us from around the corner.. i turned my head and there she was, right to the side of me. I shouted on her and she looked over and began walking over, then again , the same as Charlize, someone pulled her away asking her to make her way inside the Odeon.. which was devastating.. as i was so close. Kristen was breathtakingly beautiful, and it was a shock to be right infront of her. Then as she walked away, Chris Hemsworth came over to us and i got a photo with him too. He was also extremely charming and very good looking! Once we were finished speaking to Chris, we decided to attempt to rush inside the cinema.. even though they told us to be seated for 6.45pm, it was now close to 7.20pm but we knew the movie hadnt started yet, as the cast had to be on stage to introduce it before it began, and as they were just heading inside we knew we still had time.

So as we rushed inside, we started heading toward the door to get to the area that our seats were in.. when i turned to the side and seen Kristen standing in the lobby of the cinema, with her group of people. So i decided to chance my luck and walk over to her. As i approached her, she was in the process of leaning down to remove her shoes. She took one shoe off, then thats when i kindly asked her for a photo. She looked up, smiled and said “yeah, ofcourse” then just after i had my photo taken with her, she held on to me, to balance while she kicked off her 2nd high heel, then she took a photo with my boyfriend. She was so sweet and friendly. Just at that, other fans noticed her and began approaching also wanting photos, but HBG (Kristens bodyguard) had to step in and decline as she didn’t have enough time. Even just spending those few short moments with her was amazing, and i cant believe my luck! Kristen wasn’t taking pictures with fans on the red carpet, so i felt extremely lucky that i got one! Then we took our seats in the theatre, and just as we sat down, the cast came on stage to introduce the movie.. it was perfect timing for us!

Snow White & The Huntsman was MORE than epic.. honestly the best performance ive ever seen from Kristen. Her acting was outstanding, and some parts were so emotional and i cant wait to watch it again! You will not be disappointed! I am so proud of her, but it felt so strange watching her on screen knowing that i had just met and spoke to her just before it.

I had an amazing experience in London, and it was great meeting and hanging out with so many other fans. I want to especially thank Emily, who gave me a lovely hand made gift – she recreated Kristen’s famous bottle can lid bracelet. Thank you to everyone who made this trip fun and exciting for me.. and i cannot wait to attend another event in the future!

our Special Video footage from the Premiere.. including footage and Interviews from the Red Carpet + the cast Introducing the film inside the Odeon..

You can view our Exclusive Photos from the Premiere HERE

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